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International business: doing business in Spain

International business: doing business in Spain

Dipping your toe or a seasoned pro? When it comes to business opportunities in Spain, (either starting a business or buying one), if you’re a pro this stuff isn’t for you, if you’re dipping your toe, here’s something to get you started.

How much? Well that depends which bit of the equation you’re looking at. The guys at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce GB can advise and have some cool free stuff www.spanishchamber.co.uk and are very helpful.

Professional & legal advice. You do need it, period. We’ve worked with these guys and they are good and their fees aren’t as expensive as others in their field www.asec.es, Juan is the guy you want to speak with. They can also help you with Spanish business culture, if you need pointers there.

There’s a free down load brochure on our main web site...
http://tlcuk.biz/services/doing-business-abroad/doing-business-in-spain just to give you a feel for things. There’s also some other contact numbers and addresses which can help you on your journey.

Probably never a better time to invest in Spain and seek out new opportunities for your business.

Darren Elliott