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International business: trading overseas

International business: trading overseas

Looking at the export market or indeed looking to doing business overseas? We have had some hands on experience and would recommend you speak with the people at www.ukti.gov.uk/pt_pt/export.html?null first. They normally run Local Export Clinics.

It is a minefield and being guided helps. You’ll get an international trade advisor and they also run a programme called ‘Passport to Success’, which for a nominal registration fee gets you started and includes a bunch of free courses.

There’s also an initiative called OMIS (Overseas Market Intelligence Service) they do which helps establish a green light (or not) for your product in that new territory. Saving you valuable time and money.

If you are looking at establishing a new business, office or trading presence ‘in-country’ the chances are you are going to need to get your documents translated and legalised, especially if they are non-English speaking. The FCO are responsible for legalising the UK original documents.

Each country has its own set of rules. But if you’re looking at trading with a Spanish speaking territory, then www.tlcuk.biz can help with the translation and legalisation.

Darren Elliott