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Business Translation Services: localisation

Business Translation Services: localisation

So it’s not in English anymore. Job done! Or is it?

Speaking directly to your target audience in a way that connects with them to start that relationship building process, is the best way of describing localisation (some people call it globalisation).

If you are optimizing your web copy to be found by search engines, you’ll be used to the phrase Key Words. These Key Words help you get found by your customers.

Translating English text doesn’t mean the translated version of a key word will match your customers search selection. The translation (whilst correct) maybe too literally, there may be a better phrase more applicable to that territory etc.

How to get round this?

Make a list of the keywords used in your copy. Using various on-line tools, your agency will be able to determine the best version for the copy and these are to be fed into the translation.

These localised keywords should be handed to your web people so they can optimise your multi-lingual site, giving you every possible chance to be found by your customers.

Next up: proof reading and localisation ... they are the same right???

Darren Elliott