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Business Translation Services: Social Media Marketing

Business Translation Services: Social Media Marketing

Developed your message or campaign slogan and time now for the world to know, so social media marketing is the way to go. Bit of a no-brainer really.

But: you want your message understood by as many people in as many places as possible. So, will English be enough? Probably not and even then, English/English and US-English are two different things!

Reaching out to your target audience, whether via a social media blog or Twitter or Face Book or Google +, having it in their own language is going a long way to starting that relationship building process.

But! Your social media message will always be more than just translation, much more. So how do you get round it?

Here’s a suggestion, which we think will help you overcome some banana skins.

Rather than just having your message translated from English, write a marketing brief (a ward robe if you like) of what your message is all about, what you hope to achieve, any special 'puns' and ask your agency to script or copy write from scratch in key languages.

Original language copy! Localised and engaging. Not a bad starting point hey?

Darren Elliott