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Language translation services

Language translation services: delivering results for companies doing business abroad

Global translation services are just half of the equation! The other half takes the form of English translation services. (So the complete service is one which takes it out of English and then where necessary puts it into English).

From first time exporter to seasoned pro, translation and localisation will become or already are words firmly lodged in your everyday vocab. Getting your message positioned correctly, so it engages with your target audience forms part of the marketing mix which will deliver sales and profits to the company.

A language translation services provider will be able to deliver solutions at every stage of your production cycle. So whether it’s gaining Intel from research activities (translating market material into English) to polishing the outbound foreign language message to providing interpreter services for overseas business meetings or international trade delegations to your manufacturing site, all these needs should be supplied under one-roof.

Services should also include social media, the instant way to get your message out there! By speaking and developing a relationship with your service provider, fast, accurate foreign translation services can be provided to assist even further with a co-ordinated maximum impact marketing plan plus SEO translation services to increase the power of your web presence.

So if you are looking to appoint a supplier, the key questions to ask about service levels will include:

Provision of:

  • Document translation services (various types of company literature)
  • Certified translation services (authenticated)
  • Professional translation services (multi-lingual applications)
  • Language translation services (both to and from English)
  • Social media translation services (for use on Twitter, Face Book and other platforms)
  • Interpretation services (meetings, conferences, visiting delegations)
  • Desktop publishing services (formatting and presentation)
  • Transcription and sub-titling services (audio)
  • Legalisation services (FCO and Embassy stamped documents)

The alignment of these services can map the journey of requirements, so that full support and help is on hand for you every step of the way.

Written by Darren Elliott