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Business translation services

Business translation services UK: more than just translation.

The expectation placed on translation and indeed that of a technical translation services provider has changed and will continue to change for the provision of document translation services.

Understanding the need for business translations is the best starting point. Sharing the aspirations, goals and objectives will assist in creating the right quality plan for the request. With most agencies having an array of resources, the knowledge, co-ordination and implementation is where the professional translation agency will start to earn its stripes.

Cherry picking the best, anchoring it to a co-ordination plan with clear lines of communication centred on the shared goal is a minimum expectation, as this will form the basis from which results can be delivered.

Post-translation, your agency should be discussing initiatives like translation memory systems to assist with brand consistency and ultimately faster routes to market and in-time savings to the overall cost of providing translation solutions.

In reality, whatever your language need, the agency will be able to process. But as with any profession, it works best and delivers even better results when there is a healthy flow of dialogue and understanding the individual expectations of the client.

The stepped processes of translation (internationalisation), localisation (tailoring the translation to the market conditions of your target audience), design work, SEO, interpretation and others can be seamlessly organised, so one call or email and the resources start working for you.

On-going support, advice and help can be expected from your Project Manager. There will also be able to assist with logistics, special considerations and any aspect of the project which can/may affect any follow on activities, so best practice is achieved, meaning fewer hassles.

Written by Darren Elliott