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International Trade & Exhibitions: stand staff

It’s hard work exhibiting and working a stand.

People will be working the stand and here’s a rather neat way of helping you select the right people for the job:

People oriented



Product knowledge



But above all make sure they want to be there. Nothing worse than an unmotivated member of staff ... bad for them, bad for your business.

It is also worth spending sometime pre-show, working on the key things which need to be done and supporting staff on areas which they may find difficult or are unsure about. It will also help you determine if what is being asked of them aligns itself with the objectives of exhibiting.

If you are using an interpreter, please don’t expect them to just turn up on the day and perform to expectation.

You may get lucky but just in case lady luck isn’t smiling, invest sometime in much the same way you would with your own staff and make sure the interpreter is briefed, really knows and understands your business (not just the industry you’re in ... interpreter selection is normally done on an industry knowledge basis but your company is unique). Spend some time with them, it will pay off in the long run.

Written by Darren Elliott