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Doing business in Mexico – Shipping to Mexico

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Doing business in Mexico – Shipping to Mexico

Shipping to Mexico (if your export business requires it) especially for a newbie looks daunting (but needn’t be) … I suppose the old saying of 'stick to what you’re good at' springs to mind so hiring a logistics or international freight services company seems like a smart idea.

Which one is right for you depends and we cannot recommend as we don’t know but what we do know is that having the wrong paperwork could mean problems with Mexican customs and appointing a custom clearance agent could be worth their weight in gold.

If you are struggling finding a good agent, we have found that UKTI and indeed the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico are very helpful and supportive sources.

What certificates are required, product labelling information and how the documents need to be presented may and probably will vary depending on certain situations but it’s fair to say that what’s itemised/listed on the paperwork needs to match what’s in the container.

Producing a language version of your consignment listing and supporting documentation is a relatively quick and simple process.

Top tip:

If you are regularly exporting to Mexico, consider creating a glossary of frequently used terms based around your business, which once translated can be recycled. Use of translation memory software will add real value to the process and deliver consistent, reliable quality.

Having spoken with a few freight forwarders, planning seemed to be the key to everything. The more unusual the consignment (especially large bulky stuff) the more creative the solution, so our advice would be talk to someone with experience and one who asks questions, not one who just wants the order.

It was pointed out to me that transport by sea ‘port to port’ from the UK to Mexico takes on average 3 weeks. By air is obviously quicker but air may not be an option.

Add to that 'time’ to transport goods to a UK port, customs clearance and transport from the Mexican port to the final destination and you could be looking at adding at least a further 3 weeks to the shipping time.

To the seasoned reader maybe nothing new in this, but for many embarking on exports to Mexico for the first time, when that all important order comes through, have a delivery schedule or timetable on hand to advise the customer, so they are well informed and the seeds of a lasting relationship are sown.

Written by Darren Elliott.

Why the article? You’re not experts in this field.

True but we do strive to understand our client markets, so our clients benefit from a better level of service when it comes to translation and legalisation … www.tlcuk.biz.