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How to translate & legalise legal documents

How to translate & legalise legal documents

You’ve just been told the wedding destination abroad you’ve chosen means you need to get your legal documents translated and legalised.

At a glance (and having spoken with a number of customers first hand), the initial reaction is one of confusion and a bit of ... oh, what’s that then? So if you’re feeling a bit like that, chill it’s not uncommon because it’s not in most people’s daily vocab.

The whole translation and legalisation process is about authenticating your UK legal documents (See documents needed for marrying), translating them into the language spoken in the country you are getting married in and to authenticate/certify the translation.

What comes out the other end is a set of documents which means the person marrying you knows who they are marrying and that you free to get married.

You can do it all yourself. You‘ll still need to pay the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the national embassy or consulate fees plus you’ll need to locate a qualified translator.

Not every destination requires translation and legalisation. To find out more click www.tlcuk.biz/services/weddings-abroad and click on a country.

Darren Elliott