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Is it legal to get married abroad?

Is it legal to get married abroad?

The simple and straight answer is yes and if the follow on question is will my perfect wedding abroad be valid in the UK, the concise answer is most probably yes too.

If it’s valid abroad, generally speaking it will be valid here. But there can be exceptions.

Our advice is check with your wedding co-ordinator first and if you are still unsure speak with your solicitor/lawyer.

When you get back to the UK, you will need to get your marriage certificate translated into English. Why? Well it means you can do name changes e.g. passport, DVLA etc.

The cost of translating your marriage certificate actually isn’t expensive. Prices start at £98.75 with some great deals on further certified copies.

For more information see: http://tlcuk.biz/support/related-wedding-pages/marriage-certificate-translation

You cannot register an overseas marriage/civil partnership here in the UK but you can however have your marriage documents deposited with the General Register Office or GRO (www.gro.gov.uk).

Our dedicated TLC UK page can be found at: http://tlcuk.biz/support/related-wedding-pages/marriage-registration

Depending on where in the World you are getting married, you may need to get your legal documents translated and legalised.

Darren Elliott