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How to get married abroad

How to get married abroad?

If you have made that decision or want pointers to help you make that decision, here's one: 80,000 + Brits will marry abroad in the next 12 months (so there must be something in it).

First up, you and your loved one need to look at places to get married or wedding destinations. These normally take the form of either a short or long haul destination.

Getting married in Europe for example would be considered 'short-haul' and getting married in Mexico would be considered 'long-haul'.

You could always Google 'wedding ideas abroad' to start the journey?

It is worth checking out the legalities (and making sure your passport is up-to-date or when it needs to be renewed). To find out what paperwork you may or may not need, you can contact:

Embassy direct: http://tlcuk.biz/support/general-interest/uk-embassies

Consulate direct: http://tlcuk.biz/support/general-interest/uk-consulates

High Commission direct: http://tlcuk.biz/support/general-interest/uk-high-commissions

Once you know what papers are needed, make sure you have them all up together or know where they are.

As legal requirements for getting married abroad can vary and change, it is worth checking again nearer the time.

We recommend ordering translation and legalisation (if required) about 3 months before the wedding date.

It is always best to decide a budget before going shopping! Sounds boring, we know BUT doing it this way, you get maximum value for your money and get to do all the things you want.

Budget and destination decided then, you’ll need to look into wedding packages and organising a wedding.

Your travel agent can help and will offer suggestions but equally it is worth considering a wedding co-ordinator.

We work with several and whilst we can’t recommend or promote individuals, we would be happy to supply you with contact details.

In the months running up to the big day, here are a few other things you might like to consider:

  • Invitations (or you may be considering getting married with no guests)
  • Cake
  • Accessories (shoes, tiara, make up)
  • Medical considerations (certificates, jabs etc)
  • Wedding insurance
  • Advance booking beauty treatments at the resort

Most of all, it can be as stressful or not as you make it. Enjoy the preparations, the planning, the build up and of course the big day. Make the planning part of the journey. There are loads of people who can help and advise, so you can concentrate on you and doing the fun stuff!

Darren Elliott