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Marriage Certificates: DIY or Agency?

Marriage Certificates: DIY or Agency?

You’re back from getting married abroad and you have your wedding certificate but it’s in a different language! What happens next?

You could ask Auntie Jean who speaks a bit of the language to have a go or maybe even use Google translate, after all it is free. Or should you?

To be honest, whilst it’s a nice idea it will end in tears and really isn’t worth the heartache.

Ordering a marriage certificate translation is quick, simple and isn’t that expensive.

Unlike when you had your legal documents translated, originals were needed, a copy of a marriage certificate (i.e. a photocopy) will do just fine. Post it to the agency and they will complete the translation.

What you’ll get back is a certified translation, that is to say a translated version of the marriage certificate into English accompanied by a translators certificate verifying it. This will then be accepted by the relevant authorities.

The chances are you’ll need more than one certified copy.

So to save some money in the long run, you can always order additional copies at the same time at a fraction of the normal cost when ordered alone.

You can find out more at: http://www.tlcuk.biz/support/related-wedding-pages/marriage-certificate-translation

For lost marriage certificate enquiries, please contact for assistance or see: http://www.tlcuk.biz/support/related-certificate-pages/certified-copies

Written by Darren Elliott

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