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What is your biggest concern about getting married abroad?

In last week’s poll, we asked just that question.

22% said that they were worried that not everyone they wanted to be there would be. Factors like getting time off work, not being able to travel or even fear of flying would appear to be the most likely reasons affecting why not everyone asked could attend. I know from personal experience of a friend who wanted to get married in Italy, plans were dropped because the grandparents were unable to fly for health reasons, so I guess before going too far down the road of planning, asking the question to those near and dear first could save some heartache.

The vast majority, over 75% or ¾ said legal documents.

What the poll didn’t tell us was why?

I could make some broad based assumptions like the word ‘legal’ normally has an ‘unknown’ feel about it and when we don’t know something, we naturally get worried but what would be better, so those concerns are really addressed, so couples getting married feel more relaxed about this side of things is to maybe get a better feel for the emotional side.

If you have thoughts or experiences, which we can share and maybe put out as a message which couples can then identify with, please leave a post to this blog or email us direct at info@tlcuk.biz.

Furthermore, if you have got married abroad and would like to leave any words of wisdom or advice for others, please do comment or email us. We would love to hear from you and I’m sure those about to embark on their overseas wedding will do too.

This week’s poll – main reasons for getting married abroad? If you haven’t already, why not take part!

Darren Elliott