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Immigration Translation Certification of Non-English Documents

Do you need to translate legal documents and require UK immigration help for a tier 1, 2, 4 or 5 VISA or with your UK citizenship application?

TLC UK will provide you with a certified translation service with comply with Home Office Immigration requirements, so that UK VISA or work permit UK application can be processed without delay.

If you require a series of documents translated, we will certify each individual document for you. The certification in accordance with UK Border Agency guidelines will confirm:

  • That the translation is both true and accurate
  • Dated and signed by a translation company official
  • The certificate will be fully branded with TLC UK contact details

Where to translate your birth, marriage, medical or academic certificates?

  1. By email: info @ tlcuk.biz
  2. By web: www.tlcuk.biz
  3. By phone: 0203 633 4923 and ask for Esther Rodriguez

What to do next?

Send by post or scan and send by email copies of the certificates you have been advised you will need by the UK Immigration Service.


TLC UK will translate and certify all the documents and return by secure post to you.

Any questions or unsure?

Call Esther or one her team and they will be very happy to help with any questions you may have.

Free, no obligation quotations will be given.

The service is quick, efficient and very competitive.

Written by Darren Elliott.