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Moving abroad? Don’t forget the paperwork!

I quite like the phrase overseas movers .. well that’s what happening right?

So whether you are moving to Europe or further afield, there is a possibility you may need to certified translations of key legal documents.

Your relocation services provider whilst discussing how to move abroad may have raised the question or it may have come up during conversations with the immigration department or tips on moving from friends ... either way, help is on hand!

Whilst we cannot advise on which documents you may or may not need for moving abroad, what we can do is provide a reliable, accurate and peace of mind service at low cost for any documents which need to have a certified translation.

It’s quick and simple to organise and within a few days you will have all your documents posted back by secure post ready to submit to the relevant authorities.

Please visit www.tlcuk.biz for further information or call the sales team on 0203-633-4923 and a qualified member of staff will guide you through the process and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Written by Darren Elliott.