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Help with translating legal documents for UK Immigration

As part of our growth plans, we took a look at the UK Immigration market as we were often asked to translate and certify documents for individuals. When we asked a few customers why they were having them done, the reply was for UK work permits, naturalisation/British citizenship or some other requirement issued by UK Immigration services.

So we took the same journey many of our customers take. Well we ended up taking a few, as the journeys differed depending on whether it’s a tier 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 journey.

The guidelines for non-English or Welsh documents were clear but our experience showed that no service provider was put forward instead it was left to the individual to find one, with the onus on the individual to ensure the language service provider fulfilled the certification requirements upon delivery, so the application process went without any hiccups.

Sharing that journey to see what the customer faced helped TLC UK understand how to package and speak with you the customer, so the service provided spoke to you in way that met with your need. As Managing Director of TLC UK, I believe all TLC UK staff share your feelings and will deliver the type of service which is both personal and professional.

Quality is something you can take as standard. What makes TLC UK different is that they understand that every personal translation request is different, requiring a level of personal understanding which carries through from the moment you get in contact to the moment your documents arrive in the post at your home, all certified and correct so you can take that next step closer to your dream.

For expert, friendly and professional advice and service, the whole team at TLC UK are all here to help and will be very pleased to hear from you no matter what the request.

Contact us direct or for further information visit us on-line at www.tlcuk.biz or for a human voice call us on 0203 633 4923. We’d love to hear from you.

Written by Darren Elliott.