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Certified legal translation services made easy

Certified legal translation services made easy

Having been in contact with the UK Border Agency and spoken with several people who found themselves needing an English translation service for their non-English certificates, which had to be presented in English to help them apply for various different posts (whether for work, study or citizenship reasons) there seemed to be a common theme ... where to get it done.

The internet is a wonderful thing and you can find a UK translation agency, whether by location e.g. a London translation company or a Manchester translation agency or a more general search e.g. legal translation company or certified translation company. But this can lead to blind alleys.

These general searches of course produce accurate results but will the professional translation company do what they need you to get them to do, in a way you need them to do it, without you having to scroll through pages of text, endless web pages of saying how good they are? The feedback we found was its hard work for you the customer.

www.translatemycertificate.co.uk (or TMC for short) is a customised service for people looking for the certified translation of their legal documents, in a fully packaged, third party compliant manner.

The site allows you to go straight to quote or find out stuff.

It’s easy to use and is not weighed down with lists of other services to confuse and water down the main offering which is producing a certified translation of your marriage certificate, academic certificate, insurance documents or whatever legal document you need an English translation of.

The service is quick and is low cost. The covering translator certificate will authenticate the translation, so third parties can see that it has been rendered correctly and means they then can purpose paperwork quicker, meaning you get the results you want sooner.

So why not check the site out and feel safe that your certificate translation is in safe hands.

Written by Darren Elliot