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Getting married abroad

Top of the wedding list: where to get married abroad? But then again you may be decided or undecided!

Depending on many factors, including whether it is a short or long haul wedding destination from the UK and you and your partners set of personal circumstances (single, divorced, adopted etc) will govern whether you need to consider (and therefore budget/plan/action) the translation and legalisation of documents.

You can DIY.

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First question: 'how to legalise a document?'

Second question: 'getting documents legalised?'

Third question: 'selecting a certified translation services company?'

Or you can trust someone like www.tlcuk.biz (who do all that stuff to do it for you). Check out their many customer recommendations.

Maybe these links can help you on the most frequently requested document translation services. There will be information on legal documents required and price illustrations.

Getting married in Cuba

Getting married in Dominican Republic

Getting married in Mexico

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Greece

For other professional translation services for destination weddings, visit their weddings abroad page and choose the location of your overseas wedding.

Or if you just want to ask a question and save on the reading, go for it, the TLC UK team are there to help!

Written by Darren Elliott