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Wedding ideas for getting married abroad

Does your overseas wedding plan include legalised documents?

This may just rank up there on the excitement scales with overseas wedding insurance but in order to say ‘I do’ you need to have sorted out the translation and legalisation of documents needed to get married abroad.

You may be thinking about weddings in Greece or maybe weddings in Cuba (and staying with the Americas weddings in Mexico or how about weddings in Dominican Republic?).

With these wedding venues abroad, there is a possibility that you will need to legalise documents and provide a professional certified translation.

Whether you do or don’t need to get this done will depend on how your personal situation fits in with the national guidelines of that country. In some cases the regions or even the hotels.

Tip #1: speak with your travel agent first. They will know!

If you are at the early stages of planning, this can wait. But don’t let it wait forever!

You should be doing this 3 months before your planned wedding date.

You can always first visit www.tlcuk.biz or their dedicated weddings abroad page.

You can see the various short and long haul destinations they cover for a marriage abroad. Alternatively you can bypass reading stuff and ask a question and leave them to do the hard work for you.

Admittedly, there are loads more things to get excited about than legal documents but they are needed and they need to be done right.

Choosing the right certified translation services provider will make all the difference and will leave you to focus on the fun stuff!

Written by Darren Elliott