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Top wedding destinations: getting married abroad

Overseas wedding locations have a forever changing top 10.

One year one is in, the next year another replaces the No.1 slot but safe to say the following are always amongst the favourites chosen by Brits wanting that perfect wedding abroad.

In this list of wedding destinations, there is a need for translation and legalisation services.

The chances are your travel agent will have already mentioned this to you. They may have even recommended or suggested a professional translation company UK.

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The important point is certified translation services.

The professional translator needs to certify the document and there is the possibility of notary and legalising a document requirements too.

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The most frequently asked wedding destinations include:

Getting married in Cuba

Getting married in Dominican Republic

Getting married in Mexico

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Greece

If these locations don’t tickle your fancy, then maybe you can check out the other destinations on the TLC UK weddings abroad page.

If translation and legalisation services are required for your perfect wedding abroad, don’t leave it to chance.

Written by Darren Elliott