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Translation and legalisation of documents: getting documents legalised

Where to go next for getting your documents legalised? Gemini recommend www.tlcuk.biz or go straight to their weddings abroad page where you can find details about each country they cover or obtain a quote for the translation and legalisation of documents.

Some things just go together like translation and legalisation and finding one UK translation services provider which provides both services with full customer service support, just made getting married abroad a whole bunch easier.

But just ‘what is legalisation of documents?’ And where do you start?

Legalised documents are legal documents like birth certificates, which have been taken to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) in Milton Keynes and received an Apostille.

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This authenticates the document as true to a third party inspection, say the district judge at your destination wedding.

Coupled to legalisation UK (i.e. legalisation done in the UK) you will need document translation services also, best provided by a UK translation services provider.

The certified translation agency will translate your legal documents from one language to another and then the professional translator will certify.

This means to the outside World that the certified translation has been performed independently and the certificate conforms that the document translation is both true and accurate with full details of the translator.

You may also be required depending on the wedding destination for your perfect wedding a notarised translation.

Put simply, this means there will be a notaries certificate which conforms that the translator is known to the notary, which then gives added reassurance to the recipient of the complete legal document bundle.

Written by Darren Elliott