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Getting married abroad... tailored translation solutions

Planning your dream wedding abroad involves many aspects which can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Tailored Wedding Packagest

I think it is fair to say, the legal paperwork planning process probably falls into one of the more daunting tasks required. That said, it is still an extremely important task and something which needs to be undertaken correctly.

As with most things in life, one size does not fit all. This especially applies to the translation and legalisation of your wedding documentation, particularly when budgets influence what we can and cannot do.

With that in mind, TLC UK offers a range of packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

There is the full standard Platinum service, the most popular amongst TLC UK clients, which is all inclusive. All you need do is post your documents to us and we send back the completed translated and legalised paperwork, undertaken in accordance with the relevant wedding country documentation guidelines.

However, we sometimes like to do certain aspects ourselves. Either through wanting to, because we enjoy it or, to save money.

This is where tailored packages can complement every budget. Perhaps you wish to undertake the legalisation yourself? Or you wish to organise the FCO legalisation, but need assistance with the translation and Embassy process. Whatever you need, TLC UK are here to advise and assist you according to your requirements.

passportsIn addition, when you arrive back in the UK, TLC UK offers a variety of packages for the translation of your marriage certificate into English. There is the option to purchase a single copy of the document or, why not save on our combo package, which provides you with multiple copies to aid in the name changing process.

If you are planning a wedding abroad and require assistance with the legal documentation process, TLC UK are here to help. We will tailor our services to you and your needs, so that you get the perfect match for your perfect wedding.