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Through the eyes of the most important person... you.

"Really, I wasn't aware of any of this, no one said anything. So what do you do? What do I need to do? I'm getting married soon, do I have enough time?"

This is the essence of some of the calls taken from customers getting to grips with this part of their wedding abroad planning. Our first part of the job is reassurance. Yes, you are in the right place and yes, we can help, no matter what your situation.

The focus of our business is not just about service, but the overall customer experience itself, right from first contact: whether by phone, via our website or email, to answer questions; provide information; take payment; delivery and after sales contact.

This is increasingly reflected in our customer feedback and now forms the basis of how we implement improvements and review internal procedures and the various customer engagement points throughout the process.

In some cases, even when the wedding packs sent out by the Travel Agents contain contact information or a 'what to do next' guide, the clarity of those key messages sometimes leave customers with more questions about what is involved and what to do next. Or maybe, more to the point, what is expected of them.

Getting married is a huge life event and we understand that everything needs to be right and not add to the stress mountain. We have, through regular customer feedback, simplified our approach to help demystify what is often seen as quite a daunting prospect for couples.

Customers have helped to shape our range of services so they are adapted to suit every occasion. A full service remains the flagship solution for most, where everything is taken care of. A customer just needs to send their documents to us and we do the rest. Whilst some customers like to take a more active role in proceedings and sometimes engage to double check facts and how they can do some of the process and we do the other. This dovetailing of actions can enhance the experience for them and we are delighted then to have played a part.

No one solution works for everyone and so when you call, you will always be greeted with a 'how best can we help you' approach, so the package selected meets your needs and your needs only. After all, this is about you.