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Which way will the destination wedding market head in?

The destination wedding market, just like fashion, goes through cycles. A hot spot can become a 'not' spot and vice versa.

SoulmateWithin the cycles there are mini cycles, which have come about through the rise of the short haul destination. With an ever increasing horizon of choice, the operators and, indeed, the hotels themselves, have upped their game, with the consumer truly benefitting from choice and value.

Two keenly contested destinations are Greece and Croatia. Both boast beautiful coastlines and breathtaking scenery and, as such, Brits have been taking a closer look at these 'hot to trot' short haul locations.

What is more, with short haul, many UK travel agents have their own staff based on site, ready for the meet and greet to continue the experience. This value added isn’t always available with long haul, with the travel agent then reliant on representatives taking care of things.

Despite the rise in short haul, the destinations of Mexico and the Dominican Republic have, for many years, remained high on the top lists of wedding locations. Offering dreamy qualities on every front, which, for many, form the basis of wanting to marry abroad in the first place; it is easy to see why these have remained firm favourites.

Mexico also boosted its credentials by allowing same sex marriages. Unlike the countries of France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Iceland (amongst others), it is only allowed presently in certain Mexican jurisdictions, namely Mexico City and Quintana Roo.

Continuing the focus of that part of the world, Cuba has also been an evergreen in the top 10 for many years. The recent political changes and, the quest for inward investment should maintain the longstanding appeal that the country has to offer; maybe extending to others, who may not have previously given it a second thought.

Yet wedding destinations are not, for many, all about beaches. A quick search on the internet produces some other options, which include mountains, lakes and even one called 'unusual weddings'.

Unusual is not the term I would use, but perhaps ultimate (personal preference to one side). How long before the ultimate wedding is on board a spacecraft or, even in another orbit? I wonder what the legal documents for these would be?