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TLC UK Bio - Caroline Bees

I have three children who I adore, although they keep me very busy – sometimes, it's a nice break to come to work.

Caroline BeesMy daughter is 11 and will be starting senior school in September (making me feel quite old). She’s lovely, for now anyway – I have been warned I shall notice a difference once she starts senior school, God help me!

My sons are 8 and 6 and they are proper little boys who like nothing more than playing rough and tumble, getting dirty and being loud, VERY LOUD! Wouldn't change any of them for the world though – well, maybe attach a mute button from time to time but that's all!

My boyfriend runs a village pub – I sometimes help when my children are with their father – anything for a free drink (or two…), lol. It's a real fun, lively pub with an excellent chef and great staff.

Obviously, as a typical woman, my other interests include shoes, bags, shopping, chocolate, socialising and wine (lots and lots of wine ha, ha). My diet always starts on Monday morning and finishes about lunch time. I always plan to exercise, but never get round to it. Luckily my three children keep me fit enough for now.

I love to holiday in Spain. I always say I'm going to learn the language. Well, I work for a translation agency and several of my colleagues are Spanish, so I would have my own personal tutor but, of course, I never get round to it.

I love my job at TLC UK. It's really nice talking to people who are planning their dream wedding abroad and helping them through the paperwork process.

It's great when our customers post some of their wedding photos on our Facebook page: A. to put a face to a name and B. to see the gorgeous, sunny wedding photos.

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