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Tunes for Weddings

There is no party without music and your nuptial day is no exception here. You suddenly start recollecting all the flat entertainment at the weddings you did not enjoy…


You empathise with the couples fearing their guests put down roots in the chairs at the dinner table. But how to appeal to the vast spectrum of various identities and win everybody over? Here comes charging the heavy cavalry of fish in the kettle! How to create a cross-generation playlist, tailored to the plethora of dissonant musical tastes? Think Blondie with drum and bass backing track… Erm… no. Or the 80s: everybody's favourite…

There is only so many times a person can listen to Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and all the sentiments in the world, along with denials that any other music followed ever after, don't justify bad taste. And mind, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You was meant as a break up song, hence it does not translate well for your first bride-groom dance. Digging even deeper to the 70s, Bee Gees' Staying Alive – a perfect opportunity to show off your best dance moves only after some hard liquor when you would wiggle to anything anyhow. How about taking a more contemporary approach altogether? I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas? Utterly uninspiring and bland. Let's try a slightly off-mainstream direction: electro swing. Pretentious and ostentatiously hipster. Indie sounds of Florence and the Machine? Not unless you're tying the knot in wellies at Glastonbury.


So where is the word of advice, you ask. There isn't any. There's no pleasing EVERYBODY. So how about you play the tunes you were humming when you first met? How about the tracks you bounced to that weekend? How about that song you once heard in Tesco when you held hands for the first time? And the one they played on the radio on your first holiday? How about the tunes you play in the background when you chill out in with some wine and take away? I dare you to put on Snoop Dogg's Gz and Hustlars just because it makes you both smile.

Go on, make your way to the dance floor, it's YOUR day!

Images courtesy of www.freeimages.co.uk