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Not the full meal deal but something to tide you over

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, well that is usually the case and, in the world of translation, good quality, professional translation work normally comes with a fee. However, when you need to know something or need to get a message out there quickly, the new free translation service from Gemini could be seen as a sandwich to 'tide you over'.


Using the latest Google powered smart technology, this fully integrated service allows you to translate from one language to another, simply by typing or cutting and pasting text, selecting the language pairing and hitting 'Translate'. Job done.

Create a link to the site and your free tool will always be just a click away, helping you communicate quickly and efficiently with colleagues and associates from around the world, when time is of the essence.

Why not have fun with it too: translate, then back translate and see what comes up!

Whilst this is an intelligent software, learning all the time by pooling resources from the cloud, we do recommend that with documents of a high level of importance, especially if branding and legalities are involved, you may wish to exercise some caution. Conversely, where time is money and you need to know, this will certainly tick the box for you.

If international business forms part of your remit, why not use it simply to decide if any further action is needed when a request arrives in a language that you are not familiar with.

Start enjoying our free service today, tomorrow and beyond by visiting: http://www.geminitranslations.co.uk/services/free-translation-tool

By Darren Elliott

Image courtesy of www.freeimages.co.uk