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Getting married in Greece

Greek weddings are amongst the top overseas wedding destination of choice for many UK couples. Pretty much guaranteed good weather, top draw locations and where high levels of service and quality come as standard.


Greek wedding legal requirements are an important part of the planning process and savings can be made if structured and organised properly. Sometimes as much as £250*.

If you are two single UK citizens, then legal requirements are (per person) full birth or adoption certificate and a Certificate of No Impediment. If however you or your partner have been divorced, widowed or changed name by deed poll, the corresponding certificates will also be required. Which in turn will add to the number of documents required to be translated and legalised.



Minimum is 4 documents (2 per person). Maximum will depend on your own personal situation and that of your partner.

It is important when completing the Certificate of No Impediment, that when to comes to the location of wedding, you DO NOT put the address of the hotel.

Greek requirements are quite strict about location and so what is needed is the name and district the Town Hall is in.

To prepare your wedding documents for Greece, you will need to get them translated and legalised. This process needs to happen within the 3 month period BEFORE your wedding date. Do not start the process outside of the 3 month period, as by the time you do marry, the documents will be invalid.

Normally to get the documents translated and legalised correctly will take about 2-3 weeks. The savings (*) mentioned earlier are against leaving it late and having to use a premium service to rush through the documentation in time.

There is plenty of help on hand. Ask your wedding co-ordinator or travel agent to suggest when you should start the process. Many will perform pre-destination checks, as a safety net and for added peace of mind that the documents are all compliant.

Our advice is… do not spend any more than you have to. Forward plan!

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