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apple of my eye

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Information for British Citizens visiting the Dominican Republic


Getting married abroad... choosing the perfect overseas wedding location

If you are, then you are joining the growing number of couples choosing to marry overseas over a more traditional wedding here in the UK.


For many, it's a no brainer. Guaranteed sunshine, an idyllic setting, the things dreams are made of and why not? However, for many, the off-putting factor is combining the usual logistics and worry when planning a wedding, compounded by the fact it's hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from home. Yet it needn't be that way.

The trend at the moment is for that boutique touch, individually styled rooms to add a touch of luxury and sense to the occasion. You've worked hard, saved hard, so why not indulge? After all, this is your special day.

However, alongside 'that hotel', comes a raft of other considerations and questions that require answers, before making that final booking:

Will it cater for blended families? Will it provide a make-up artist and hair stylist? How do I get my wedding dress there in one piece? Where do I get the best exchange rates? Will it suggest things to do, so I don't feel as if I have to entertain everyone after the big day and I get to enjoy time as a newly wed?

You are not alone if any or all of those questions and maybe some others are racing through your mind. Choosing the right destination means finding the right travel agents; or if you are organising everything directly and by yourself, getting those key questions in early, to help minimise stress making the detail that accompanies each stage of planning that much easier, as the bigger aspects are sorted.

As we are all individuals, our wedding will obviously be unique. What is important to one person, may not be as important to another. Making a list of 'deal breakers' before you start, will make choosing the right location that much easier. It will also help you to determine who you start talking to, ensuring they're on the same wavelength as you. If you are, then they will be ready to take care of your every need and want.


Wedding planning is stressful.

Everyone connected with the wedding business knows this and those (worth their salt) will go that extra distance to minimise or reduce your stress levels by making life easier for you, no matter what part of the planning process you are at.Wedding-Venue-by-wandee007---Freedigitalphotos.net

People realise you have budgets, so please do not mistake their offering of suggestions or alternatives as an up sell, that they're disrespecting the financial constraints you may be working with. They are merely being helpful and making you aware of options. It may be that there are things that you hadn't considered and, after a period of reflection, you may decide that these would add that extra touch that you are looking for?

It isn't always the case but many wedding destinations require legal documents. Some have to be translated, legalised and presented before a judge, so that the ceremony can go ahead. Without them, you may not get the chance to say 'I do'. Always check with your travel agent or the hotel directly to confirm which documents are needed, and if they need to be presented in the native language.

It's the boring part of wedding planning, but essential, so it's best to budget for this.

Wherever you are getting married abroad, we wish you future happiness and success in you new life as Mr and Mrs.

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Images courtesy of Rosen Georgiev, kongsky, wandee007 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net