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Perfect wedding: destinations in Europe

Planning on a wedding location abroad and undecided?

Short haul destinations including weddings in Greece are becoming more and more popular with Brits, looking to get an extra bang for their buck (well £ to be precise).

Many destination weddings including those in Europe may require certified translation services by a professional translation agency UK. But what does that actually mean?

As these overseas wedding locations are most likely non-English speaking then you will need to present your legal documents in the language spoken in that country.

Not all wedding destinations require the translation and legalisation of documents but some do. So always best to check with your travel agent.

You may have already checked and been told you will require document translation services.

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If this is the case, you will need to source a reliable translation services supplier who understands the getting married abroad process and what is required, rather than just asking someone who just happens to speak the language to do it for you or worst still Google translate it!

www.tlcuk.biz have a page dedicated to weddings abroad including locations in Europe. All supported with many client testimonials and recommendations.

If you don’t wish to sweat the small stuff and just get straight to it, you can ask a question and the team at TLC UK will get straight back to you with the information you need or a solution to get things moving.

Written by Darren Elliott

Wedding certificate translations

Just got back from getting married abroad and found that your marriage certificate isn’t in English?

Join the many other Brits who have found themselves in exactly the same situation but don’t stress, help is at hand!

You need a professional translation company UK to supply you with a translation of wedding certificate services.

Certified translation services (which is what is required here) can be defined as professional translators translating into their native mother tongue and then signing a certificate to accompany the document translation, conforming that the translation is a true and accurate rendition of the original.

How do you go about selecting a certified translation company?

Those which specialise are the best. General translators would or may seen as risk, as you need the document translation to be accepted by a third party and the things which the third party will be looking out for, needs to be contained within the translators certificate.

You can check out www.translatemycertificate.co.uk or www.tlcuk.biz where both translation companies provide expert wedding certificate translations, along with other translation of legal documents.

Written by Darren Elliott


Getting married abroad

Top of the wedding list: where to get married abroad? But then again you may be decided or undecided!

Depending on many factors, including whether it is a short or long haul wedding destination from the UK and you and your partners set of personal circumstances (single, divorced, adopted etc) will govern whether you need to consider (and therefore budget/plan/action) the translation and legalisation of documents.

You can DIY.

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First question: 'how to legalise a document?'

Second question: 'getting documents legalised?'

Third question: 'selecting a certified translation services company?'

Or you can trust someone like www.tlcuk.biz (who do all that stuff to do it for you). Check out their many customer recommendations.

Maybe these links can help you on the most frequently requested document translation services. There will be information on legal documents required and price illustrations.

Getting married in Cuba

Getting married in Dominican Republic

Getting married in Mexico

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Greece

For other professional translation services for destination weddings, visit their weddings abroad page and choose the location of your overseas wedding.

Or if you just want to ask a question and save on the reading, go for it, the TLC UK team are there to help!

Written by Darren Elliott

Wedding ideas for getting married abroad

Does your overseas wedding plan include legalised documents?

This may just rank up there on the excitement scales with overseas wedding insurance but in order to say ‘I do’ you need to have sorted out the translation and legalisation of documents needed to get married abroad.

You may be thinking about weddings in Greece or maybe weddings in Cuba (and staying with the Americas weddings in Mexico or how about weddings in Dominican Republic?).

With these wedding venues abroad, there is a possibility that you will need to legalise documents and provide a professional certified translation.

Whether you do or don’t need to get this done will depend on how your personal situation fits in with the national guidelines of that country. In some cases the regions or even the hotels.

Tip #1: speak with your travel agent first. They will know!

If you are at the early stages of planning, this can wait. But don’t let it wait forever!

You should be doing this 3 months before your planned wedding date.

You can always first visit www.tlcuk.biz or their dedicated weddings abroad page.

You can see the various short and long haul destinations they cover for a marriage abroad. Alternatively you can bypass reading stuff and ask a question and leave them to do the hard work for you.

Admittedly, there are loads more things to get excited about than legal documents but they are needed and they need to be done right.

Choosing the right certified translation services provider will make all the difference and will leave you to focus on the fun stuff!

Written by Darren Elliott