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Important notice

Whilst every effort is made for technical accuracy, unfortunately some things are quite simply beyond our control.

It is essential you check with your travel agent or with the hotel direct to finalise what your legal documentation requirements are.

As a service provider we act upon customer instructions, we do not give advice.

The guidelines we work from are based on information issued via the relevant national embassies/consulates.

However, legal documentation requirements can (we stress the word can) vary region to region, hotel to hotel.

So to avoid any disappointments, please always get confirmation from either your travel agent or the hotel itself before sending your documents to us.

The price(s), estimates or quotations you receive from TLC UK will be for the provision of services not confirmation that the document combination is correct (for example) for that particular hotel.

If anything is unclear or you are still not sure on what to do, don’t worry, we are here to help, so give us a call.