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ASEC case study

A UK based adult toy distributor wanted to start trading in Spain.

The client employed an agency to assist with the registration process and guide/advise them on matters concerning legal, financial and commercial issues in Spain.

In order to register the company, the client had to get the necessary paperwork translated into Spanish and the UK original documents legalised.

The Spanish agency were unable to assist with the translation and legalisation aspect at that time. So to help the client, they referred them to the Spanish embassy and Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK and subsequently they then got in touch with us (TLC UK).

The end user wasn’t sure (and why should they) if the translations had to be certified. So TLC UK acting on behalf of the client spoke with the agency in Spain, to ensure the translated documents were presented in accordance with the statutory requirements.

Whilst TLC UK and the Spanish agency offer full bi-lingual support to clients, this direct intervention assisted all parties and TLC UK now enjoys working with the agency in Spain as their translation and legalisation services supplier and can also assist with payroll driven requirements too.

Darren Elliott