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Translation services for international property investments & luxury homes for sale abroad

Property as an investment is timeless.

With opportunities for overseas property sales as well as luxury properties for sales in London, TLC UK can assist you or your property lawyer with the translation and legalisation services of the necessary paperwork to help complete a purchase.

TLC UK provides document translation services both:

  • 'Into' English from any foreign language
  • 'From' English into any foreign language

We can also assist with the translation of documentation associated with purchase of foreign real estate.

Here is a sample of the type of property/land purchase documentation we can provide official translations of:

  • Agreement to sell the property
  • Title deeds
  • Sale deeds
  • Power of attorney (general and special)
  • Wills
  • Tax receipts & bills
  • General communications

Sounds like we could help? Then get in touch with your translation project details and our customer service team can provide you with costs, further information or answer any questions you may have.