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What works in the UK may not in Mexico. So it worth knowing a few things about Mexico before you go to help make your business trip a success.

Remember: no matter how good your business phone etiquette, the telephone is for appointment making not doing business ... it’s face to face that works best.

Whilst it may appear more relaxed, Mexicans will expect you to be on time, so plan travel arrangements well in advanced by checking Mexico travel information sites so you allow plenty of time between appointments.

We would also recommend you purchase or obtain a travel guide to Mexico, to help with your schedule and planning arrangements for your visit.

Who to do business with?

Appoint making:

By telephone and confirm in writing by email. Follow up by phone a few days before.

Business cards:

A bi-lingual version is what will be expected.

English on one side, Spanish on the other.

Dress code:

Business is formal, so:

For men, dark suits with tie and long sleeved shirts.

For women, lightweight dresses.


Titles have importance so use them.

Use of first names are normally reserved for family and friends, so don’t use them to start with.

If you have met before, men greet men with a hug or a shoulder slap. Both men and women greet another woman with a kiss on the right cheek.

Meeting exit:

This is an important part of the meeting and is not hurried.

When not saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘yes’!

Mexican people polite do not like to cause offence. The fact that they didn’t say ‘no’ should not be interpreted or assumed to mean yes.

Written by Darren Elliott.

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