International Business Opportunities: things about Mexico

I recently attended a ‘Mexico Matters’ conference to learn more about import export opportunities and how to start trading with Mexico, as Mexico features heavily in the growth plans of TLC UK.

I came away feeling energised but also wanting to find out even more, as to why Mexico was on everyone’s lips.

Researching a raft of statistical data, tables and business reports, I was left with these few gems which to me answered why so many people are getting excited about doing business in Mexico and why Mexico is predicted to be such an important player on the World stage.

  • Unemployment is falling! Compare that with Europe. A fuller labour force means there is business and opportunity.
  • Growth in construction is 5.7% annually. WOW! Whilst the UK construction sector is improving, that kind of growth is amazing. The two growth areas are commercial construction (i.e. office buildings) and construction for tourism … what does that say to you? To me (again) … opportunity.
  • But this is the real nugget … infrastructure. That means they are laying the foundations to support growth and opportunity, so it is sustainable.

There is from what I can see a fully itemised and planned 5 year national infrastructure plan or NIP.

That again means a well thought out, government led initiative to underpin the economy which in turn will instil confidence that those wanting to do business in Mexico, can see investment for the long term and logical joined up handwriting.

So if you are researching areas for growth for your export business, you may just want to take a closer look at Mexico.

Written by Darren Elliott.

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