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Weddings abroad

Couples getting married abroad and booking wedding abroad packages is on the increase with estimated 80,000 plus Brits getting married overseas in the next 12 months.

Having decided 'where to get married' (whether it's a beach wedding or a mountain and lakes wedding or something completely different) your wedding abroad checklist will include legal documents.

Many wedding destinations do require the translation of legal documents (and the necessary legalisation) but some do not.

It is worth noting that even where there are legal requirements to get married (documents), your personal situation may exempt you from certain aspects.

Select your chosen wedding destination from the list below to see which documents you and your partner will/may/do not need.

The information supplied by TLC UK is based on national guidelines issued by the country. As certain individual hotel requirements may differ slightly, our advice is to then double check everything with your travel agent and to make sure they match .

Our advice is to order 3 months before your wedding day.

Once married and you and your loved one are back in the UK, we can translate your marriage certificate into English and provide certified copies.

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