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Marriage Registration for Overseas Weddings

To change your name at places like the Passport Office, the DVLA and banks and building societies, you will need to get your marriage certificate translated into English.

This translation must be a certified translation, which means the translation is authenticated by the translator by way of a certificate attached to the translation, confirming the translation is both true and accurate.

Following recent changes in FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) guidelines, British nationals who have married abroad are now responsible for the safe keeping (in much the same way as other documents) of their marriage certificate. You do not need to (can’t anymore) deposit with the GRO.

TLC UK as well as translating your wedding certificate can also provide additional certified copies at a fraction of the normal cost when ordering separately.

All you need to do to get your marriage certificate translated is email/upload/post us a copy.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do contact us direct or use our ask a question facility.

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Top 3 Cuba Questions

Can I send photocopies?

No. Always send originals. The only time we accept photocopies is when you require your marriage certificate translated into English.

Are the Cuban Consulate fees included?

Yes this is included as part of our full service offering.

I know someone who speaks Spanish and can translate. Is that OK?

Translations need to be certified.

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