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Getting married in Dominican Republic:
legal document requirements

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TLC UK provide a full service (translation and legalisation) and a part service (translation only). We also operate a scheduled messenger service for document legalisation requests.

Peace of mind

Translation provided by TLC UK means a legal translation of your documents otherwise known as an ‘official translation of documents’ or a ‘certified translation’.

  • Check the guidelines for the documents required for a marriage in Dominican Republic.
  • Always verify your document checklist with your travel agent or hotel first, as regional variations may apply.
  • Once verified send your documents to TLC UK for translation and/or legalisation approx. 3 months before the date of your wedding.

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Top 3 Dom Rep Questions

Can TLC UK do the statutory declarations for us?

No. This is done by either a notary public or a solicitor.

Do we each need to provide you with a statutory declaration or is it OK to get it signed as a couple?

You both need individual ones.

Is the apostille included in your services?

Yes this is included as part of our full service offering.

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