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The Foreign Office Legalisation Office

We’ll liaise with the Foreign Office on your behalf

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (often shortened to ‘the FCO’ or ‘the Foreign Office’) is the government department with responsibility for promoting British interests abroad, as well as supporting British citizens and businesses around the world.

The Foreign Office: key to your foreign wedding plans

For anyone marrying overseas, and requiring translation and notarised certification of their wedding documents, the FCO Legalisation Office will play a key part in their plans. The Legalisation Office is the only authority competent to issue apostilles (also known as ‘apostille certification’ or an ‘apostille stamp’) in the UK.

Legalisation is usually required by foreign authorities

At the Legalisation Office, the FCO can officially confirm that signatures, stamps or seals on UK public documents are genuine. This process, known as legalisation, is usually required by foreign authorities before they will permit UK documents to be used for official purposes in their country – for instance, for your forthcoming wedding.

We’ve worked with the FCO for years

At TLC UK, we’ve been working with the FCO Legalisation team for years as part of our wedding documents translation service. It’s just another way that we simplify the complex-yet-essential process for overseas weddings and free up your time for the more exciting wedding planning tasks – we even arrange all the necessary messenger services.

Liaison with the Foreign Office (for more information just Google ‘FCO UK’ or ‘legalisation office UK’) is just one part of our wedding document translation and legalisation service. It’s simple to arrange and the resulting peace of mind is priceless.

TLC provided an extremely great service. The turnaround for my documents was days not weeks! It is less hassle having TLC do the translation and the authorisation from the FCO and worth every penny. Will be using you again to translate my marriage certificate and will certainly be recommending your services!

Carlene Browning