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Documents required for two British nationals getting married in Switzerland

Single Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment
Divorced Full Birth Certificate + Decree Absolute
Widow/er Full Birth Certificate + Death Certificate
Adopted Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Adoption Certificate
Changed name by Deed Poll Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Change of Name Deed Poll

Special requirements of note:

No translation is required. All documents must be issued within 6 months. Documents of civil status will only need to be legalized by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office if the marriage is to take place in the Canton of Vaud.

The couple will present themselves at the Embassy in person with the documents mentioned above and they will complete an application for preparatory procedure of marriage and a declaration regarding marriage each. They will pay the relevant fee, as mentioned in the Embassy webpage, in cash.

Should the couple have common children, their full birth certificates, issued within the last 6 months, as well as their original passports will have to be submitted.

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Price illustration:

Based on two UK nationals marrying in Switzerland who have not been married before, neither of which have changed their names or been adopted and would need their legal documents legalised the price is £185 + VAT.