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Getting Married Abroad: Wedding Documents Explained

Are you getting married in Spain, Cuba or somewhere else that requires translation of your wedding documentation? Whether you’re heading for Greece or the Caribbean, here are some of the terms you could encounter on the way to getting the translated documents you need for your wedding abroad:

Adoption certificate

The official record stating that someone has been adopted.


An affidavit is a sworn legal statement used mainly to support certain applications or as evidence in court proceedings.

Apostille (also apostil)

An official certificate issued to certify the authenticity of signatures / seals on a document.

Birth certificate

This is a record that documents the birth of a child.

Certificate of No Impediment

This is a document, required in certain countries, which states that there is no known impediment to a person’s planned marriage.

See also Certificate of No Impediment when Marry Abroad.

Certified translation

A translation which is accompanied by a declaration as to its accuracy and authenticity.

Death certificate

A death certificate is an official document that declares the date, location and cause of a person’s death.

Decree absolute

This is the final certificate that legally dissolves a marriage (also known as a divorce certificate).

Deed poll

A deed, or written document that is signed, sealed and delivered, to which there is only one party – for instance, one that declares a change of name and gives a legal proof of name change.

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Divorce certificate

Another name for the Decree absolute.

Legal translation

The translation of texts, whether commercial documents or wedding documents, within the field of law.

Legalised translation

Legalised translation is a translation that has been legalised at the FCO.

Notarised translation

A notarised translation is one where the translator must personally attend the offices of a public notary to swear that they are a professionally qualified translator and that their translation is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate.

Marriage certificate

The official record stating that two people have been married.

See also Marriage Certificate Translation.

Single Status Statutory Declaration

This document is a legal declaration in which a person declares their single marital status. The SSSD is per person; it is not a joint declaration.

Statutory declaration

A declaration made in a prescribed form before a solicitor, a notary public or another person authorised to administer an oath.

See also What is a Statutory Declaration.

Sworn translation

A legally validated translation, signed and sealed by an authorised sworn translator, that is valid as an official translation.

At TLC UK, we are familiar with all the specialised legal terms relating to documents needed for overseas weddings and their translation. If you’re planning an overseas wedding, it’s simple to arrange the translations you need – rest assured, we can spare you a lot of worry as you prepare for the biggest day of your lives.