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Sometimes, plans don’t go as smoothly as one wishes. This is what happened to one of our clients who was getting married to his Dominican partner in Dominican Republic a while ago.

As no travel agent was involved because the wedding was being organised by the bride-to-be in Dominican Republic and it was going to happen quite soon, our customer didn’t know that he had to translate and legalise his Birth Certificate and Statutory Declaration in the UK for him to be able to marry legally.

It wasn’t until a week before his flight that he found out about these legal requirements.

He then phoned our team and explained the situation desperately. We advised him that, even though the time frame was very tight (he was flying in 3 days), we would first find out if the Dominican Republic Embassy could legalise the translations on the same day and then confirm the viability and costs to him.

The embassy confirmed that it was ok and we were able to legalise his documents at the FCO Premium Service, carry out the translations and legalise them in the Dominican Republic Embassy within 2 days.

Even though the customer had to pay a bit more for the FCO Premium legalisation fees, he was very pleased with the way and speed that we managed this process, TLC saved his wedding!

I previously used TLC for my company documentation processing and I recently used TLC again for my personal documentation processing. In both cases I was very pleased with the service that TLC provided.

Joseph Prem