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We decided to get married in the Dominican Republic, due to the beautiful settings and the massive difference in money.

Even though some of our family could not make it, we still had 30 guests and couldn't wait.

Our only worry was the legal side of it all, as if you don't get all the documents right, then you are not legally married.

We got in contact with TLC UK and they were by far the cheapest and most efficient company that we found, after a lot of research and would recommend TLC UK to anyone getting married, it was perfect and also beautifully presented. We were told that we had to pay hundreds of pounds to get our statutory declaration, but TLC UK sent us a format which we could just copy and it would save us so much money, as it was only £5 for the solicitors to stamp it, as we had written this all out ourselves. TLC UK helped us save the money by advising us of this.

We had the most amazing wedding day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thanks TLCUK