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Whether it's wedding insurance abroad or here in the UK, it is an important part of your wedding checklist. Below you will find an article contribution from the John Lewis Partnership, which we have added to the site to help provide relevant and helpful information in your planning for that perfect planning.

2012 Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are an age-old tradition, but each year new destinations pop up on the map as 'must visit' honeymoon spots for adventurous newlyweds.

Previously, a newly married couple might be happy with a weekend in Cornwall or a week in a resort in Spain, but now couples are increasingly using their honeymoons as a chance to visit more unusual destinations.

Here’s our round up of some top honeymoon destinations you may want to mark on your map:

1. Corsica: if you’re a dedicated beach bunny, then Corsica could be a match made in heaven for you and your betrothed. Gorgeous beaches run right around the coastline, and it’s still relatively easy to find a secluded spot where you can feel like desert castaways in the sunshine.

Famous for: picture perfect beaches

Weather: long, hot holiday season from April to October

2. The Outer Hebrides: nothing says 'I love you' more than cutting off the electricity and going back to nature. Visit these remote islands, and you’ll get a sense of what life is really all about off the coast of Scotland. With nothing more than your loved one to hand, you can appreciate the beauty of nature, good local food and an early night.

Famous for: Whiskey - have a dram or two!

Weather: temperamental

3.Tasmania: Australia’s often forgotten smaller cousin sits off the antipodean coast, in between Australia and New Zealand. This small island has a surprisingly wide variety of flora and fauna, and it also boasts fantastic outdoor activities such as white water rafting for those newlyweds who are still seeking adrenalin high.

Famous for: the Tasmanian Devil (it’s actually a native marsupial who is much friendlier than you may think)

Weather: Sunshine from December to February

4. South Tyrol: winter weddings are a growing trend, as couples make the most of more economic deals at venues in the low season. Why not turn your honeymoon into a winter wonderland too, by skiing in the north Italian mountains of South Tyrol or snuggling under a sheepskin in a mountain chalet.

Famous for: luxurious ski huts and you can even indulge in a Michelin-starred meal as you ski

Weather: chilly - a good excuse to share body heat!

5. Suriname: perhaps the least well-known country in South America, Suriname has a fascinating colonial history and strong local traditions. A warm tropical climate gives the country its verdant, inland forests, as well as impressive mountain vistas that will make an adventurous honeymoon destination.

Famous for: being the only Dutch-speaking country outside of Holland

Weather: Hot and tropical!

6. Eco-friendly:

Many modern couples ensure their honeymoon destination is as eco-friendly as possible. If you’re planning on having children, you are probably even more aware of how important it is to care for our environment in the future; you could visit an eco-tourism specialist, or just keep your carbon footprint to a minimum - but you should try to be green, whilst still being romantic.

The word honeymoon comes from the tradition of newlyweds drinking a cup of honey mead every day for the first 30 days of their marriage. So if all else fails, you can just re-live that old tradition at home.

Wherever you decide on for your honeymoon, wedding insurance can be one way to ensure you head off happy after the big day. John Lewis Wedding Insurance can protect weddings overseas and in the UK for as little as £65.62. This means that should something go wrong on your special day, like the photographer failing to turn up, you’re covered.

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