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FAQ About Translation

Can I use your translations for a Visa application at the Home Office?

Yes, all our translators hold the professional qualifications to be able to sign translations that will be used at the Home Office (e.g. for Visa applications).

I have been divorced twice; do I need both decrees translated?

No, only the last one provided that the name on your passport is the name that appears on your last divorce decree.

Once I receive the marriage certificate in Spanish, do I need to have it translated into English?

Yes, you will need your marriage certificate translated into English and certified by an authorized translator in order to change your name. We can provide this service for just £98.75 (including VAT).

What is a certified translation?

A translation which is accompanied by a declaration as to its accuracy and authenticity.

What is a legalised translation?

A legalised translation is one that has been legalised at the FCO or/and any embassy or consulate.

What is a notarised translation?

A notarised translation is one where the translator must personally attend the offices of a public notary to swear that they are a professionally qualified translator and that their translation is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is one that has been done and stamped by an authorised sworn translator and therefore is a legally validated document, so no notary is required. There are no UK sworn translators, but many countries like Spain require this type of translation for legal purposes.

Would I be able to change my name in my driving license, passport and bank account using the translation you will provide of my marriage certificate?

Yes, our marriage certificate translations are always certified by the translator who carried out the work. This certification states that the translator is qualified and the translation is true and accurate. This will be sufficient proof for the authorities issuing your new documents.

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