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Marriage Certificate Translation

TLC UK will quickly and accurately translate your marriage certificate into English.

Our certified translation can be used when changing or renewing your passport and also at the DVLA or bank/building society.

We do not need your original, just a clear copy. We will be certifying the translation, not authenticating originals.

Upload Marriage Certificate

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Alternatively, you can email your marriage certificate to ella @ tlcuk.biz

Here’s how TLC UK answer that "where to translate my marriage certificate?" question:

No matter where you were married in the world, you will be issued with a wedding certificate. This certificate needs to be translated into English. It also needs to be accompanied by another document which states that the translated marriage certificate is a true and accurate representation, carried out by a qualified translator.

No marriage certificate?

If you have lost your marriage certificate or haven’t received it yet and you are worried in any way, please contact either the travel agent that you used, or the wedding representative that you appointed at the venue where your wedding was carried out.

Here is a selection of some of the documents we translate and/or certify:

University degree certificates or transcripts • Crimininal records and police certificates • Passports • Employment contracts • Driving licenses • Car insurance certificates • Commercial contracts • Tax return forms • Medical reports and certificates • Deeds of ownership • Insurance policies • Memorandum and articles of association • Witness statements • Powers of attorney • Deed polls • Statutory declarations • Birth, baptism, marriage and death certificates • Divorce decrees • Letters/documents from the Home Office and other public authorities • Injury Claims

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