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Case Studies


On one occasion, a customer made an enquiry regarding her daughter’s wedding in Mexico. The wedding had just been booked and she had offered the couple to organise their paperwork and pay for the documents’ translation and legalisation.

Neither the bride nor the groom had been adopted or married before, but the bride had had a name change a few years ago. Therefore, we advised the customer that, according to the Mexican national guidelines, they would need their full Birth Certificates and the bride’s Change of Name Deed Poll translated and legalised.

The customer then was a bit surprised. Her daughter, who had been in contact with their travel agent, told her that they didn’t need the groom’s Birth Certificate, just her own one and her Change of Name Deed Poll. Why was this information conflicting?

We advised the customer that the legal translation requirements for British nationals marrying in Mexico usually change from the national guidelines depending on the hotel or region; and the travel agent would be able to confirm the requirements.

However, to avoid the customer’s “panic”, our Mexican Specialist offered to contact the hotel in Mexico where the couple was getting married and confirm what they needed exactly.

We managed to speak to the wedding representative at the hotel, who confirmed that only the bride’s Birth Certificate and Change of Name Deed Poll needed to be translated and legalised.

This resulted in a great relief for the customer, who could then leave everything to us to deal with while she enjoyed the fun part of the wedding preparations with her daughter.

Prior to speaking to TLC I was confused to what I had to do. The British Embassy and The Mexican Embassy were telling me differing things. I was struggling to get a straight answer on what I needed to do and with whom, until I contacted TLC. They did everything for me and I didn't have to worry about anything. The documents arrived back in no time at all and made the difficult process of changing my name with all my suppliers, much easier. Thank you.

Sharon Starkey

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