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Vickie and Daniel

Hi TLC! We would just like to say a real big Thank You for all your help with our documentation. The whole experience was so easy. After getting myself all worked up after hearing what was needed to be done, you made me relax and the whole process was done with no fuss. So again, Thank You.

Our wedding is in April 2012 and getting married abroad has been the best decision we've made. The whole process is simple and everything is organised for you even down to the flowers. We really can't wait.

Vickie and Daniel
Cleveland, UK


The Secret Wedding

Sometimes you meet someone who challenges your outlook on life, changes the way you thought it was going to unfold - makes their mark on your heart. I met my someone in April. Come May, we knew it was the forever deal.

There was no proposal, just an agreement between soul mates (well, there was a down on one knee sort of gesture - alcohol fuelled, one random night, but it didn't really count).

I guess, reflecting, there is nothing really romantic surrounding the whys and hows of us getting married but I reckon, when it comes around, it will be something close to our hearts forever.

You see, no one (bar his family) actually knows we are eloping on January 4th to Mexico and tying the knot on the beach at 11am on the 11th 2012. It's like our little project, something that we're keeping just to ourselves, savouring like a fine wine.

Everything over the last week has made it seem real, our rings arrived from Ireland and we are over the moon with them, so beautiful.

Handmade by an Irish jeweller, two-tone white and yellow gold with the 'Claddagh' on it - a heart, hands and crown, Celtic symbol representing love, friendship and loyalty - our ethos.

My documents arrived back from TLC in perfect condition and quicker than I expected. I also had the second hand dress I bought (something old) completely transformed by a lovely dress maker.

This week I make the final arrangements with the holiday people about the finer details of the day and have my music put on to CD.

Then, I wait. We go on holiday and I wait again because, if on the day it doesn't feel right for him, I've told him not to be on that beach. So ladies - wish me luck. Will my prince charming be there at 11am on the 11th?? I do hope so.

The Lady in Waiting xx

hands bw

Customer wedding Stories



We decided to get married in the Dominican Republic, due to the beautiful settings and the massive difference in money.

Even though some of our family could not make it, we still had 30 guests and couldn't wait.

Our only worry was the legal side of it all, as if you don't get all the documents right, then you are not legally married.

We got in contact with TLC UK and they were by far the cheapest and most efficient company that we found, after a lot of research and would recommend TLC UK to anyone getting married, it was perfect and also beautifully presented. We were told that we had to pay hundreds of pounds to get our statutory declaration, but TLC UK sent us a format which we could just copy and it would save us so much money, as it was only £5 for the solicitors to stamp it, as we had written this all out ourselves. TLC UK helped us save the money by advising us of this.

We had the most amazing wedding day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thanks TLCUK