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Affinity/referral partnership programmes:

The programme is designed to provide couples with a worry-free solution for their legal documentation requirements when booking their overseas wedding holiday.

Why not benefit from referring services?

Our experience has shown that a list of service providers is issued to couples at the point of enquiry. Why shouldn’t you benefit from referring?

The referral system means strong collaboration between agent and service provider giving the couple reassurance that their legal paperwork is being processed in a professional and effective way.

Commission levels:

Based on order volumes, commission is paid on orders processed, delivering an additional revenue stream to your business and rewarding staff who take care of your customers needs.

Customer reassurance:

What could be better than supplying details of a service provider who specialises in the provision of destination compliant legal documentation, ensuring when the couple arrive at their venue, the legal side of things are all taken care of?

We work with you, providing regular updates and providing a logical customer focused solution so they can concentrate on the more important things connected with their big day.

You gave me confidence from the first contact, kept me fully informed and provided a thorough speedy service Thank you!

Nathalie Anderson

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We provide two
programme levels.

Wedding pack referrals:

Once the destination booking has been confirmed, release our details exclusively and a percentage of the fees paid to us will be reimbursed back to you on a monthly basis.

Commission paid can then be distributed to front line staff to reward their hard work and incentivise business dealings.

White label programmes:

Let us be your ‘translation & legalisation department’ on the net. When the couple book on-line, let them buy our services under your brand name as part of the process . Our IT department will work with your IT department to provide a full service via your web site and under your brand name, thereby providing a completely seamless customer facing solution.

Working with us is simple.

You can trust us to:

  • Provide a fully integrated, cost effective service
  • Be part of your team
  • Enhance your customers experience
  • Help, advise and provide after-sales care

Please contact us for a no obligation conversation.

We can explore how we may be able to tailor our services to support your customers in providing a top class experience for their overseas wedding.