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Student VISA UK

If you are applying to study in the UK or seeking advice on a UK Student VISA application, information needs to be sought from the UK Border Agency or the Home Office.

However if you have already been advised what non-English documents (as part of the UK Student VISA requirements) need translating and certifying into English, we can help.

TLC UK offer a fast, reliable and competitive service for the translation and certification of all legal documents including academic qualifications, medical and insurance documents and other legal documentation which the Home Office may have told you are required as part of your UK VISA application process.

Call for a further information on translation and certification or simply scan and email your documents for a free no obligation quotation now. Documents returned by TLC UK to you will contain a certificate detailing date, signature of a company official, full TLC UK contact details and a declaration confirming the translation is both true and accurate.

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